TDX18, Here I come!

I’m currently 32,000 feet above Pennsylvania, en route to TrailheaDX, Salesforce’s developer conference.  I’ve reviewed the sessions, bookmarked my favorites (and backups, and back-backups) for each time slot to fill up my agenda for the next two days.  With so much great content to choose from, it helps to focus in on a few specific areas and learning goals for the conference.

This year, many of the projects and clients I’m working with are bringing sensitive data and processes onto Salesforce– HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, and more.  I’ve been doing my own work with Shield, but I want to hear more about it from the experts, and I want to know more about identity, security, and compliance on the platform overall.  A few sessions I’ve bookmarked:

Scale Security at Your Company

GDPR Fundamentals and Einstein

Centralized Identity Management Across Multiple Orgs

The Future of Salesforce Security and Authentication

Beyond that, I definitely plan to stake out the product booth for platform encryption to get some questions answered about deterministic encryption.

My other focus this year is all about Einstein.  AI and machine learning has so much to offer any organization as they try to be smarter with their data and provide better experiences for their users, and I’m excited to dig in deeper with these tools.  A few sessions I’ve bookmarked here include:

Build Einstein: Multi-tenant, Multi-app, Machine Learning at Salesforce Scale

Salesforce Einstein Keynote: AI for CRM

Augment Me: Add Intelligence to Any Salesforce App with Einstein Discovery

Reality 2.0: Augmented and Made Smarter with the Salesforce Platform

These are just a handful of the sessions I’m looking forward to, and I’m sure there will be others that I stumble upon just by walking through the dev zone and seeing an interesting demo up in one of the theaters.  That’s one thing I appreciate about TDX— you can just walk in to most sessions without needing to pre-register!  This gives an extra bit of flexibility to enjoy the conference, connect with other community members, and let your learning guide you!

Will you be attending #TDX18?  What are your goals for the conference?


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